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EMPOWER: Total Self-Care System (E-Workbook Digital Download)

EMPOWER: Total Self-Care System (E-Workbook Digital Download)

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If you're work/life balance is completely out of balance, and your anxiety, frustration and overwhelm is through the roof, the EMPOWER: Total Self-Care System is what you need to gain sanity and build resilience


The EMPOWER system is a 20 page e-workbook that was designed by Teri for her own use to help remind her of the importance of self-care and it being foundational in an overall daily wellness routine.


The EMPOWER system goes beyond physical self-care and takes a deep dive into the often overlooked mental, emotional and spiritual self-care that's needed for a more holistic approach to caring for our well-being. 


Feeling like she hit rock bottom while still needing to run her multiple businesses and deal with life in general, Teri turned her personal journal entries into this system that's backed by 5 years of self-study in psychology, personal development, high performance and neuroscience. 


When the basic self-care advice of "exercise," "drink water" and "rest" just aren't enough, the EMPOWER system also takes a deep dive into surfacing and getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions that can be the root cause of what stops us from truly caring for ourselves. This is an extreme self-care system for those who also need help to stop the uncontrollable thoughts and overwhelming feelings.


If your self-care routine needs more than just face masks and bubble baths, the EMPOWER system will help create the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being you are missing.


Recommended: Use this working along with the RESILIENT: Anxiety & Overwhelm System e-workbook for maximum benefit. If you also deal with anxiety and overwhelm then the RESILIENT system walks you through creating your own customized action plans to prevent and stop anxiety in its tracks. If you are lucky enough not to deal with anxiety and overwhelm, many exercises in the RESILIENT system can also be used to help create an even more fulfilling and joyful life. 


This e-workbook contains 20 pages with sections such as:  

-Negativity Triggers

-Mood Tracker


-Brain Dump

-Unpacking the Baggage

-Stress-Less List

-Self-Care Schedule

-Happiness & Hobbies

-Daily Do Not's

-Daily Intention

-Daily Well-Being Planner Sheet 


-Motivational Quote Art Pages



Size: 8.5x11 standard letter. Print at home or at your local printer! For personal use only.


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*Refunds: Do the nature of digital downloads, refunds are not provided on this product. 

*Disclaimer: Please consult your health care professional before starting any new diet, exercise or health regime. For full medical disclaimer, click here


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